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Welcome to my site dedicated in finding the best sources for Amazon Gift Certificates in the UK and Worldwide. We're now in our 5th year helping people earn and win Amazon Vouchers. Read below to find out more.

Every day thousands of people shop at Amazon using gift certificates.

A large number of these are given out FREE as prizes or payments.

So how do you get free amazon gift certificates?

There are two ways to get Amazon vouchers - win them or earn them. Obviously winning them requires a little bit of luck. Earning them on the other hand requires a little bit of effort. Either way can reap far more income than any outlay you may make.

You won't get rich with the following (but then most get rich schemes don't work) but you will be able to easily earn a bit of extra money for Christmas, or a bit of pocket money for a hard up student.

For me, Christmas 2012 was sponsored by Amazon :-) I managed to do ALL my Christmas and birthday shopping online using gift certificates earnt during the previous year. No huge credit card bills for me in January. 2013 looks just as good!

Start planning now and you too could have a FREE Christmas in 2013 and never nead to pay for a present ever again! Read on...

Winning Amazon Vouchers

This is the easiest way to get Amazon Gift Certificates. It costs nothing, mostly just involving searching the net. Below are details on my favourite ways of making the Internet pay. :-)

Swagbucks - TOP RATED!

Search & Win

An American variant on the search and win theme. Swag Bucks offers a multitude of prizes from their reward store, most of which are only really relevent to residents of the USA and Canada. They have recently started giving out vouchers for UK users. Highly recommended!

Kudos Network - TOP RATED!

My gifts.kudosnetwork Status

Kudos Network is a slightly different approach to winning prizes. Basically you need to complete one of their listed offers, sign up friends to do the same, and once you've reached a specified number you can claim a prize (including our good ol' Amazon vouchers). The good news is that some of the eligible sign up offers are free trials, so it needn't cost a penny! If you have a lot of friends you could earn up to £500 in Amazon vouchers! If you're not so adventurous, you can bag a Nintendo DS for only 5 referrals or Nintendo Wii for 8 - an easy target amongst friends and family.

Recently found out you can cash your 'greens' out to a bank account. Works a treat and only took a couple of days to receive a payment from Kudos in my bank account. Currently, 3 valid referals will net you £51! Can't recommend this website enough! The earnings potential is huge, especially if you have a large work/school/social network you can tap into.

I would heartily recommend that everyone signs up for this one. Even if you just stick a referal link in your email signature or on facebook and forget about. You'll soon be able to cash out a nice gift.


iRazoo US based Search and Win site. Looks very promising. A nice rewards catalog that includes vouchers, along with points referring and reviewing websites.


Zoombucks is another US Search and Win site. Gives out Amazon vouchers for searching and completing surveys.

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